The corridors of death

The mummies were arranged throughout the corridors by profession, sex and social status.

The oldest part consists of the corridor of the Capuchin Friars, mummified wearing the habit, typical dress of their order.

Then there is the hall dedicated to priests who retain priestly regalia.

Suggestive is the corridor of the women, dressed in embroidered clothing and ornamental caps on their heads.
In a chapel, known as the "Crucifix", there are the bodies of young virgin women.

The corridor of the men contains the bodies of members of palermo's prominent families.
In the middle of this corridor there is also the last visible preparation room, the "colatoio".

There is the chapel of the children and the corridor of families (which includes mummies of the same family).

The corridor of professionals keeps the mummies of doctors, lawyers, painters, officers and soldiers, including the painter Velasquez, the sculptors Filippo Pennino and Lorenzo Marabitti and the surgeon Salvatore Manzella.